Easy Super Bowl Recipes

I don’t know why, but Super Bowl is always a fun time even if you don’t necessarily watch or care anything about football. For me, I love getting together with people and cooking (and eating) some crazy good food! So, I wanted to put together some of my favorite super bowl recipes and included a mix of easy and not so easy ones!

Anything you can do in your crockpot is going to be the easy route to go! You just set it and forget it! Here are a few great crock pot recipes for hosting a super bowl party:




Slow Cooker Buffalo Wingsย 

Super easy and sure to be a hit! Click here for the recipe!












Slow Cooker Buffalo Chicken Meatballs

OMG – These are sooo good! Click here for the recipe!









Slow Cooker Buffalo Chicken

So easy! Just sit out some slider buns and you’ve got some buffalo chicken sliders! Here is ย the recipe!


Those are my easy, set it and forget it favorites, but I also like to throw in a couple of dishes that your guests are really going to wonder “how did she have time to make all of this?!”



Cheddar Popovers

These aren’t hard and oh my are they so worth it! Here’s the recipe.


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