My Favorite Instagram Accounts

I think my favorite thing about Instagram (besides keeping up with peoples lives 😂) is following bloggers/social influencers and really getting a chance to see inside of a world that you may not have seen otherwise. You may follow people that live across the country or live on the other side of the world but you’re able to see into their lives just a little bit whether it be what’s in style or their favorite fashion, maybe what they like to cook parenting tips dating advice, etc. in a weird way sometimes you might feel like you know them a little bit. Even now I know that you don’t really know someone at all through social media or the Internet. However, it is really neat to watch the daily lives of some people. So I wanted to share some of my favorite Instatonegram accounts with you guys. They range anywhere from mothers, entrepreneurs, business owners and most are all of the above!

1. @twistmepretty – I hate to say it but I think she is my favorite. Like most that I follow, she is a mom, she works hard, she’s a business owner, you know……superwoman. But there is something about her posts… whether it be an Insta story or a blog post, there is so much joy in her, in her voice and she is passionate about what she does. I don’t know about you but I like to surround myself with positive people. Even if that person is across the country. So, check her out if you have not already. I don’t think you will be disappointed!

2. @brightonkeller – I think she’s my favorite too! They’re all my favorite! This girl is a gem. She has the best style, tips and just overall great life advice. She is so genuine in her sharing as she shares quite a bit about her Faith. Check her out!

3. @pizzazzerie – Courtney is so talented! She’s a fellow Nashville girl and an Author of an awesome book! She is the definition of class. Seriously though, she has such amazing taste in everything she does. Her daughter and dog, George, are really freaking cute, too.

These are my top 3! I hope you enjoy!


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