Getting Organized in the New Year

My New Year’s resolution/goal was an easy one. I wanted to simplify and streamline everything in my life. Whether it’s trying to find something in the infamous “catch all” drawer in the kitchen or the garage. I just want it all simple.

I’ve always been a pretty organized person. I am the planner in the family. And I mean that literally. I am obsessed with my Erin Condren planner. Like….it’s embarrassing. On the outside it may look like I have it all together…but let’s be real.

Up until this weekend my closet literally looked like it had exploded. My first project was my closet. It was so bad. So, I purged like crazy and literally gave away 10 bags of clothes, shoes and accessories. And it felt amazing.

How to get organized in 2018:

1. Get a planner/calendar. It may not be for everyone but once you get used to it, it can be so helpful. There are things that if I did not write it down….it wouldn’t happen and I would never remember it. My favorite planners are Erin Condren and Emily Ley. Obviously, you can get whatever you want, but these are so much fun! And why not have fun with it! Make a “must do” list and a “might do if I have time” list. This helps your prioritize and then when you’ve got all your must do’s done you feel so accomplished!

2. Make a cleaning schedule. I find myself trying to clean the entire house on a Saturday or Sunday and then can’t get it all done. So, I tried a tip from Clean Mama. Make a schedule of chores/items to clean for each or every other day. For example, vacuum on Monday, sweep and do laundry on Tuesday, dust on Wednesday, etc. Also, do a 15 minute pick up each day maybe before bed or whatever your schedule allows. Then by the time the weekend comes, you can ENJOY it. What???? That’s crazy!

3. Get up 15 minutes earlier than you have to. This will allow some time to read, look at your to do list for the day with a cup of coffee, or just enjoy some quiet time before the kids get up or the day gets busy.

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